Prehistoric Fidget Spinner For Unschoolers

Prehistoric Fidget Spinner For Unschoolers

Fidget Spinners, huh?

This is our unschool version. It’s like a fidget spinner and an old fashioned sit-n-spin (remember those?).

The kids have spun around on this a zillion times. It’s like those ‘dizzy seats’ at the playground where the kids can get themselves spinning indefinitely. They tried putting a few dinos on there and spinning it until they fell off…I got the idea to put as many dinos on there as I could fit and call them in the room for a science experiment!

When we aren’t spinning it, we are tightening it with socket wrenches (after I loosen it with socket wrenches) The base is a heavy piece of steel with holes in it in the shape of a circle. My buddy said I could have it, maybe I would think of something to do with it…I have…and continue to!

In theory, this spinner can also support a teeter totter!