My Big Dinosaur World (by Smart Kids)

dinosaur world bookSpiral bound, great for the tiniest of hands to turn the pages!

We picked this up at our favourite second hand store, Once Upon a Child. It was exciting to see the book is made by the same company that made his first (and favourite) big kid books.

This book has some nice descriptions and illustrations of the time periods in the Mesozoic Era, and the dinosaurs in each.

There are lots of illustrations about skeletons, size comparisons, and descriptions of various dino parts, and what they do.

This book has an older reading age (8+ I imagine?) but is fantastic for finding new dinosaurs and learning more about the familiar ones.

We have spent a lot of ‘reading time’ together with this book so far, and haven’t really read anything in it yet, it will be valuable to us for a long time yet.

dinosaur World