Monster Fliers From The Time of Dinosaurs

monster-flyersThis book has a great selection of flying reptiles, almost all I had never heard of (at a point where I knew at least a little about 100 dinosaurs)

Some interesting points:

  • Microraptor: A dinosaur with feathers on it’s back legs creating a second set of wings.
  • Archaeopteryx : The world’s oldest bird. It had claws at the end of its wings probably for climbing trees.
  • Confuciusornis : The first bird to have a beak, and one of the first birds to have no teeth.

A year before finding this book, I thought there was a flying dinosaur called a pterodactyl; I was shocked that they weren’t dinosaurs, and that there were several kinds of flying reptiles.

It’s great fun teaching your kids things; teaching them while you are learning as much is pretty incredible – even though you are learning so much from kids’ books!

monster Fliers