This is toddler number two’s favourite prehistoric swimming reptile so far. (When her brother was her age we called them ‘swimmers’…thinking they were the kind of dinosaurs that could swim…

A bit longer than a school bus, Kronosaurus had a short neck and tail and was propelled by 4 large stiff flippers. Named after Zeus’ dad.

Name means:
Lizard of Kronos

Kronos (or Cronos) was Zeus’ father and leader of the Greek Titans


A plesiosaur called Eromangosaurus was discovered to have Kronosaurus bite marks

Time Period
Cretaceous Time Period

125 – 99 Million Years Ago

Discovered In
Found in Queensland, Australia, and the Paja Formation in Boyacá, Colombia
Most likely world-wide distribution
Size & Weight
10 metres / 33 feet
(length of a bus)

11,000 kg / 24,000 lbs
(same as 1.5 elephants)

Sharp, conical teeth with 4 pairs of premaxillary (cranial bone at tip of upper jaw) fangs

rear(posterior) flippers were bigger than the front(anterior)

Limb girdles between flippers allowed for much power

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Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Superorder Sauropterygia
Order Plesiosauria
Family Pliosauridae
Subfamily Brachaucheninae

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