I was always planning on having them make videos for the ‘learning using real life examples’ aspect, but he has loved youtube his whole life and I was pretty excited when he wanted to make one! 🙂 (he’s alluded to it, but never said let’s do it till now)

I’ve never caught him on video ending his sentences with ‘leave it in the comics’ but this will have to do 😀

I told him i would set up the dinos for him, and he could do whatever he wanted, I wouldn’t interrupt (i interrupted slightly)

Interesting note : i set up the dinos on the table, but he selected the dinos still on the dino playsets we made

Unschooling at it’s finest? Instead of telling you info about the dinos, looks like he determined it was better for parents of kids who play with dinosaurs to research the answers together 🙂

We look forward to your answers! 🙂 #PlayResearchRepeat

Prehistoric life featured : Apatosaurus, Rhamphorhynchus, Jobaria, Ouranosaurus, Triceratops, and Saichania

interesting note: The reason i left those ones at the back was for ‘background decoration’ and they were ones he hasn’t really play with in a while 🙂