This video has been watched approximately 200,000 times at our place. The two year old, still too young to be interested in narration and palaeontologists theorizing about and describing fossils, was mesmerized by this collection of dinosaur videos.

I talked about this video in particular in a post called ‘Introduction to Carnage’.

Someone took the animated dinosaur sequences from the Discovery Channel and just used some generic music in the background.

This allowed me to be the narrator to him. And I apparently had a lot to learn about dinosaurs!

We have done a lot of research on the computer together using this video as a launching point. ‘Hey, wanna do some research on dad’s computer and see if we can figure out who that guy is?’

Not only carnage in this one, as it also shows the process of an egg developing, travelling through the system, and then being hatched. It also shows pterosaurs learning to fly, colourful displays of the possible mating rituals (leaving it up to dad to narrate).

There are many examples for any aged child watching this where you can explain to them, at their level, what’s going on; and then being able to relate it to their real lives.