dinosaur-a-z-smartkidsThis was the first book we went into a bookstore to go get. We went in to indigo/chapters to spend an old gift certificate on a book, and decided to check out the kids’ section with our two point five year old. He was just building a slight knowledge of dinosaurs, and certainly a big interest in them, so we picked this one up.

It seemed to have the nicest, most colourful pages of realistic dinosaurs for the price, so we went with it…unsure if he was just going to rip the pages out as soon as he got them (NOTE FROM THE FUTURE : his 1.5 year old sister doesn’t even rip the pages out, but there are certainly a couple of pages with old creases on them!)

This book accompanied us on many bus rides, and we could see how quickly it was changing from dad pointing out the dinos on the pages to him naming them off for us.

This was also a good introduction for dad in starting to realize how many dinos look similar to each other, and how it looked like we had been calling some things the wrong names. I still thought ‘pterodactyls were dinosaurs’ at this point.

The words in the book are designed in a way that draws attention to certain words and help attract the eyes…but so far the book has mostly been used to flip through and stare at the pages.


It’s a wonderful book, we ended up getting the Animals A-Z and Space version of these books…and also found a more advanced dino book from the same company (Smart Kids Books)