Dinosaur Train

This has been, by far, the most educationally advantageous show for our three year old.

There is a wide selection of dinosaurs and prehistoric life, fun adventures (the Dinosaur Train travels to each of the time periods in the Mesozoic Era, operated by Mr. Conductor (a Troodon).

Lots of dinosaur facts, lots of real world relatable lessons, and my favourite parts are the short intermissions by Dr. Scott the Palaeontologist who gives a ‘how we know all this stuff because of science’ take on what was just watched. Kids and parents will enjoy listening for the next thing Dr. Scott the Palaeontologist is going to say! (opening up more paths-of-research next time we are at the computer, or often times, when we stop the show and get to the computer)

Me and the 3.5 year old were going to walmart where I say ‘oh no, I don’t think there are any toys here today, I guess we should just go home!’

He cried the first time I tried it.
He knew how to get to the toy section the times after that. (from different points in the store)
The last couple of times he said ‘No dad, I know the directions!’ (it was ‘instructions’ the time before that)
The last time went like this:

me: oh no, I don’t think walmart has any toys today!
him: my hypothesis is we should find them. That’s an idea you can test.