Sauropods are the most recognizable group of dinosaurs and were on alive through all Mesozoic time periods and spread out onto all continents. By the time of the mass extinction, Titanosaurs had replaced many of the Sauropods.

Sauropoda means Lizard Foot. They are most recognizable with their four pillar shaped legs, with long necks and tails.

When asking how tall sauropods were, note they were typically measured in length from head to tail, as some held their necks up tall, and some had a more horizontal position. Dinosaur heights are taken from the top of the hip or shoulders.

Early education through prehistoric toys : Sauropoda (Sauropods)


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A sauropod from the Jurassic Time Period discovered in what is now North America with different neck, leg, and tail proportions than most sauropods


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The story behind us getting this one is pretty self's a sauropod. With spikes on its back. The whole thing was quite exciting!


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At one time the longest dinosaur, (now Seismosaurus is) this giant sauropod from the Late Jurassic could eat leaves from the tree tops and the vegetation growing in the water. Small head, unusual teeth.