How to pronounce : Cer-atop-si-dae

Ceratopsids roamed western North America during the Late Cretaceous time period and are grouped into two subfamilies.

The Ceratopsinae or Chasmosaurinae had long, triangular frills and well-developed brow horns. The frills are thought to be for display as they may have been too brittle for battle purposes; the horns would have been their primary defence.

The Centrosaurinae, like Pachyrhinosaurus had well-developed nasal horns or bosses, shorter and more rectangular frills, with spines on the back. Based on large quantities of fossils found together, it is thought they lived and travelled in herds.

  • Xenoceratops
  • Sinoceratops
  • Einiosaurus
  • Achelousaurus
  • Pachyrhinosaurus
  • Centrosaurus

  • Turanoceratops
  • Chasmosaurus
  • Zuniceratops
  • Diabloceratops
  • Avaceratops
  • Coronosaurus


These were the dinosaurs we started to see more of where I said, ‘hey, these might not all be triceratops’, and research here has led to many conversations about ‘things that are similar’.

Early education through prehistoric toys : Ceratopsidae (Ceratopsians)


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Probably the most recognizable dinosaur, this ceratopsian was one of the last non-avian dinosaurs before the mass extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous Time Period.

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This was the first dino toy we got after he learned to love playing 'Dinosaurs Battle World Championships', either with people (me and him wrestling as dinos) or us smashing the toys together. I told him he was starting to smash too hard, and they really kind of hurt. I saw him coming in for another smash, so I held this guy, horns out :) #noSmashesSince


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A ceratopsian from the late Cretaceous time period in what is now North America. Only two partial skulls have been found, so many characteristics are based on other Ceratopsids. Two large curved horns extending upwards from the frill.


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This was one of the first 'fancy dinos' we got him; he had become very interested in researching Styracosaurus on daddy's computer after watching Disney's Dinosaur 1000 times.


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A ceratopsian from the Late Cretaceous, Pachyrhinosaurus had three thick bosses on its skull, and two horns extending from its frill.