Medusaceratops vs Brachiosaurus

Haven’t dino-posted in a few months…mainly on account of we haven’t really played dinosaurs in a few months, but they are coming back.

Lately it’s been lego, clay, music, youtube, and holy crap the Trolls! (they’re learning to sing via trolls songs..which are trolls singing real song variations though, so that’s neat!)

New Again

I reorganized the dino toys (I always think back to the episode of the Simpsons where Apu lived with them and the kids all ate canned vegetables because Apu reorganized them) and the interest has come back.

He asked me if we could make circles for dinosaur battles to show who was fighting next.

As long as you draw them and then go find them? Sure!!

I demonstrated how to cut out four circles at the same time. He thought that was neat, but his sister thought that meant multiples of every shape I could think of….

It’s interesting to see the once memorized dinosaur facts were missing or harder to access…and will be interesting to show him how fast all that info comes back as soon as he hears some reminders and clues here and there.


The toddler came over when I asked if she wanted to battle. She said yes, so I let her know if she drew a dinosaur up, I would go get it. She chose pteranodon. Lol, Noob! (when her brother was this age, I, so he, thought it was pronounced ‘terra-nodon’)