The toddler has spent a lot of times watching this one! Originally when I came across it I skipped it. I was used to seeing the animated shows like Land Before Time, Dinosaur Train, and similar quality videos.

At a quick glance, this ‘appears’ to be some low quality vid. (and certainly in some ways it is) But my 3 year old is pointing out dinosaurs from memory of the animation combined with the words on the bottom of the screen.

A great educational piece for parents and educators as well – there’s probably 85-90 words in here many of you have never heard before and have to research together.

This has been a great tool in expanding his dino knowledge beyond his current 65 or so. When you know a lot of dinosaurs (60 or so), vast amounts of knowledge comes into play with very limited research…maybe you’ve already talked about the cretaceous period, ceratopsians, abelisaurids, etc by now. so new facts and info about new dinosaurs become as easy as just saying it a few times!

The sound effects chosen are the sounds of animals from today. A dino with a beak might sound like a loon….fun stuff!  (Pick out the non-dinosaurs in the video and learn more about them for some challenging fun!)