Young children are able to absorb information the entire time they play.

Mine play all day long.

At 2 years and 10 months he classified dinosaurs as ‘long necks and sharp teeth’ and pronounced pachycelephasaurus ‘pickysaurus’.

It was actually a gravitholus.

At 3 years 5 months he knew a large amount of ‘dinosaur trivia’ and classified his dinosaur toys into herbivores, carnivores, theropods, sauropods, ankylosaurs, flying & swimming reptiles, and on and on.

At 4, I couldn’t even imagine listing what he knew.

His little sister who grew up surrounded by these conversations?  At 20 months she could pick a saichania, brachiosaurus, therizinosaurus, and stegosaurus out of a giant dino toy heap.

At 22 months, her first five syllable word was ‘Brachiosaurus’! (surpassing her previous biggest word, ‘honey-yogurt’)

His mom and I knew about 8 dinosaurs between us a year ago.  (And turns out, pretty much nothing correct about them) and before we knew it we were having family discussions about interesting dinosaur facts…who would have pictured that?  A couple together for over 20 years all of a sudden had a million brand new topics to discuss.

At first it was to coordinate proper answers to a toddler asking more and more dinosaur questions.  It quickly turned into sharing new information for the sake of conversation.


  • Wii Battle of Giants

Dinosaur Battles – First youtube, now wii!

November 11th, 2016|0 Comments

He loves dinosaurs, he has been familiarizing himself on the computer (clicking buttons, closing windows, skipping ads, mouse clicks, painting tools, etc, etc, etc) and now is really getting the hang of the Wii controller.

  • dinosaurs names

You say brachiosaurus, I say camarasaurus (surprise smash ending)

August 10th, 2016|0 Comments

(and dad says pachyrhinosaurus, what a moron!)
4yo identifying dinosaur toys. He turned 4 a month ago, she’ll be 2 in a few weeks. We were very sweaty from dinosaur chases before this 🙂

we found […]

  • dinosaur toy classification

Vertically Measuring Dinosaurs With Helium Balloons

July 29th, 2016|2 Comments

Vertically Measuring Dinosaurs With Helium Balloons #homeschool
Today at homeschool we met at a park with 30 species of dinosaur toys, a 100 foot tape measure (or 30 metres…planting the seeds for an understanding and absorption […]

  • learning to read with herbivores

Learning To Read With Dinosaurs – Episode 1 : 12 Herbivores

July 8th, 2016|0 Comments

Now it’s time to start learning how to read. I made this video so he could watch ‘letters in action’. I wanted to make the video so other families, especially homeschool families, could see how easily it is to inject knowledge, ‘while you’re at it’.

  • sauropod toys

Sauropod Love

June 29th, 2016|0 Comments

Sauropods have been VERY big at our place for the past six months or so.  And as a homeschooler? They can have all the educational tools they can learn from! (and when dad is a […]

  • child globe

Dinosaur Discovery : Introduction to Geography

March 2nd, 2016|0 Comments

Dinosaur Discovery : Introduction to GeographyThe first ever dinosaur fossil ever discovered in the Philippines was that of a Megalosaurus. It was discovered by children whose family originally thought it was an elephant bone […]

  • smartkids-dinosaurs-space-animals

Dinosaurs & Space : An Almost 3 Year Old’s Expanding Understanding

January 1st, 2016|0 Comments

Dinosaurs & Space : An Almost 3 Year Old’s Expanding UnderstandingHe was turning three at the end of the month. He knew the names of and which order the planets of our solar system […]

  • tape-measures

Children, Dinosaurs, and Tape Measures

December 29th, 2015|0 Comments

Children, Dinosaurs, and Tape MeasuresOoh look, you’re taller than a Compsognathus. You know what you’re the same size as? Therizinosaurus claws!! A diplodocus tail wouldn’t even fit in our home, we’ll have to […]

  • dinosaur-bones-childrens-bones

Dinosaur Bones & Children’s Bones

December 28th, 2015|0 Comments

My kid was going to be three in a few weeks. I had been able to see for a while how much information toddlers can absorb and understand, but I was not sure what seeing what the inside of a person looks like would do to him...Then we watched some dinosaur movies.

Prehistoric Toys :
By ‘toys’ I mean knowledge building education tools :)

  • psittacosaurus


He was watching Dino Dan (again) and was telling me about the half dinosaur half porcupine...I (we) actually thought they were quills until I started writing this page!

  • brachiosaurus


A sauropod from the Jurassic Time Period discovered in what is now North America with different neck, leg, and tail proportions than most sauropods

  • ankylosaurus


An armoured dinosaur from found in Western North America from the end of the Late Cretaceous period; one of the last non-avian dinosaurs.

  • dracorex


We first discovered this on Tv show Dino Dan. It was one of the first dinosaurs he knew about before we researched together. I had to ask HIM about it!

  • amargasaurus


The story behind us getting this one is pretty self's a sauropod. With spikes on its back. The whole thing was quite exciting!

  • parasaurolophus


An ornithodod with a large crest probably used for communicating and maybe even thermoregulation. Parasaurolophus lived during the Late Cretaceous time period, in what is now North America.

Entertaining & Educational Kids’ Dinosaur Videos

  • bbc planet dinosaur

BBC Planet Dinosaur

  • dinosaur-movies_0002_tlbt-land-before-time

The Land Before Time

Dinosaur Books We Love